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Managed IT Services Webinars

October 1 @ 1:30 - The Benefits of Construction Technology

Construction technology is evolving at a fast pace. From software that helps you do your job more effectively, to robots tying rebar and building bridges, there are a lot of technology options on the horizon.

Find out how to gain a competitive edge with technology with Bob Paradise, Owner of Attain Technology.


August 24 - Are You Vulnerable To A Cyberattack?

With cybercrime at it’s highest, there is no stopping hackers from holding your business hostage except your cybersecurity knowledge, a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan and the right technology partner.

Join the Owner of Attain Technology Bob Paradise for 30 minutes as he shares how to protect your business from hackers and criminals.


July 27 - AMA - Ask My Anything - An IT Pro Answers Your Construction IT Questions

It’s common for construction companies to use technology to streamline their operations, be more competitive, bid faster, maintain deep insight into projects and increase productivity while keeping their network and data safe, but how?

Join the Owner of Attain Technology Bob Paradise for 30 minutes as he shares how construction industry companies can leverage today’s technology.


June 22 - Combatting Ransomware

As we move forward into 2021, our reliance on our IT infrastructure continues to grow.  Unfortunately, cyber criminals are seizing on this growth.  In order to combat these threats, your processes shouldn’t solely be focused on how secure your business is, but rather how cyber resilient it is.