Patrick M Caldwell V.P. Frame Division East Coast Interiors“I would like to compliment you and your TEAM on the services you provide.

Your TEAM is always attentive, pleasant and efficient.

I would like to give an extra compliment to Jarid.

Since Jarid has been here at East Coast any computer issues are resolved quickly, along with his positive attitude.

Keep up the good work.”

Patrick M Caldwell, V.P. Frame Division
East Coast Interiors

Brian Barer of Paramount“For the past five years we have been using Attain for all of our IT needs. We have always been very well taken care of and are completely satisfied the services provided during our tenure with your company. I would like to specifically single out Alex Dietz who has been at our beck and call, night and day no matter how trivial the issue. Alex always seems to be there when we need him and has been of exceptional help with not only IT issues, but also our Phones, Fax Machines and Alarm systems.

I’m happy to recommend the services of Attain Technology anytime to anyone.”

Brian J. Barer, Chief Operation Officer

Tisha Smith of Tantara Corp

During the three years that TANTARA has been utilizing Attain Technology’s services the biggest benefit to our business is sharing files in a central location and data protection. I would recommend other business owners to become Attain Technology clients due to their reasonable rates, fast, efficient, and thorough service.

Tisha Smith, Office Manager
Tantara Corp.

Bruce Adams of East Coast InteriorsSince East Coast Interiors joined forces with Attain Technology in 2009, we have grown from 10 people to 21 people in the office, while at the same time increasing from 120 people in the field to 350 people. Meaning that, we have tripled our field employees thereby tripling our top line revenue, while only doubling our office support.  You could argue that we have become more efficient in the office, where Attain Technology has made the greatest difference for us.

Our IT systems need to be 100% reliable since we have customers relying on us to respond in timely manner.   We are a lean office staff, with little down time.  Based on each person’s work load, a loss of hours in productivity cannot be made up in a regular work week.  In our fast paced business, a quick response time critical.

Many of our associates need to work off site and must have access to the server as well as be able to log on from anywhere at any time.  Before, we suffered a lack of cohesiveness. Now, with Attain Technology, we have one system but can allocate different security levels so we can police what each person in the organization has visibility to.

We were not tech savvy but have grown, making it necessary for us utilize data more efficiently and become more productive in the office. Better recording and data have allowed us to minimize costs by being more efficient. Even the frame in field is more tech savvy with the use of Procore.  We now have proper equipment i.e. printers, plotters, laptops, smartphones, Procore, servers, etc. that help us maximize the output of each employee.

The biggest benefits of working with Attain Technology are the service, speed of response, and their knowledge of IT. It allows us to concentrate on our core business while they keep us informed on the tech side.

Bruce Adams, Vice President of Operations
East Coast Interiors

Orion Red logo. Testimonial from Caitlin Schimmel“Going with a cheaper option is always more appealing but the level of service is not always the best. I have made some mistakes in the past trying to save money and it resulted in spending more money, wasted time, and aggravation. Attain’s prices are very reasonable and they don’t nickel and dime like some other companies I’ve used. 97% of the tickets I have submitted are covered under the agreement, and if they are not I am notified instead of being surprised with a bill. I spent a significant amount of time with our previous company disputing invoices.

I do not have a background in IT but I have been in charge of the IT department for about five years. I have learned quite a bit over the last five years but there are still a lot of tasks that exceed my ability. We elected to have Attain monitor our network because I don’t have the time or the ability for some of the higher level tasks, and they were able to tailor a service plan to meet my specific needs. For example, I have access to make changes on the firewall but when something more involved arises I can just submit a ticket and not have to worry about how much time I will spend to resolve it or how much it will cost since it is covered under the agreement. Same mentality applies to server issues, network switches resetting after a power surge, backup job failures, and the exchange server going down.”

Caitlin Schimmel, IT Manager
Orion R|E|D


“Very informative. Very polite and addressed all my concerns quickly and efficiently. Thanks so much.”
Eric Brown
LM Heavy Civil Construction

“Responded quickly and fixed my problems in a timely manner.”
Jackson Krupnick
New England Construction

“Omar was very helpful.”
Glen Yates
CEO of Colt Builders

“Timely support even though there was a last minute twist to the request.”<
Katrina Kadyszewski
Colt Builders

“Quick, professional reply and handling of the situation.”
Al Nunes
Ryan Iron Works

“Great attitude and service.”
Patrick Caldwell
East Coast Interiors

“fast response time”
Derek LaBranche
Millwork One

“Quick and efficient installation”
Michael McNulty
Millwork One

“Very informative. Very polite and addressed all my concerns quickly and efficiently. Thanks so much.”
Eric Brown
LM Heavy Civil Construction

“My issue was quickly resolved.”
Ken Condon
East Coast Interiors

“Very efficient. Problem solved. Thanks!”
Arlene Boteilho
Colt Builders

“Jason is always SO helpful!”
Aimee Rivera

“It was done quick and easy.”
Klarissa Soliss
Colt Builders