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Cloud Computing Experts

One of the first things Boston companies ask about the cloud and cloud computing services is: “what is the cloud?”

There are basically three types of cloud services: private, semi-private, and public.

Private clouds are Interesting. A good example would be a small hosting provider who has set up a server and hosts your website on it. This isn’t a data center, it’s basically a server connected to the Internet at some location.

You could have an internal private cloud, or you could have a private cloud as an allocation within a public cloud, but your private cloud has been separated in some way from all the other accounts, and you are isolated from everyone else.

An example of a Semi-private cloud is a co-located server. This means you purchase a server but place it within a data center because they have backup power generators, a security and fire prevention plan in place, and redundant Internet connections. This means, that only an act of God at the data center location itself could prevent you from accessing your data and tools.

Public cloud examples include Microsoft 365, Amazon AWS, and Google Workspace. These cloud services all have their own data centers. Large data centers host millions of users.

In a way, it’s correct to think that the “Cloud” is really just a server connected to and accessible over the internet. No matter where that server is located or whose location it resides at.

Why Cloud Services? What Does It Do For Your Business?

So, what is the big idea behind the Cloud, Cloud Computing Services in Boston, and why is it useful and important? Well, the Cloud gives you several benefits above and beyond what you can achieve with your own server at your location.

First, as we’ve already discussed when we covered semi-private clouds and co-location above, it is difficult and expensive to create a server environment where your server is in a perfectly cooled room, with 3 different Internet connections so you can always access your data.

Then, add backup and failover power generators to ensure your server stays on when the power goes out. Then, add in the fire prevention layer and special firefighting equipment that doesn’t use a material that would destroy your data.

It’s not impossible to create this environment at your office, but why would you want to? Its expensive!

It’s much easier and more cost-effective to have your data in an alternate location that is built to deliver as close to 100% uptime as humanly possible.

Second, the Cloud enables software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. These applications may be off-the-shelf solutions, but they are built for a specific purpose. And usually, they are the best option for that purpose.

For example, Quickbooks Online. You can house all of your financial records and data on Quickbooks servers. This not only gives you access to that data from virtually everywhere on any device, it also adds a level of protection to your data because their data centers have all of the layers of protection we just discussed.

Your other option, besides buying an off-the-shelf or SaaS solution is to build your own software. This may sound intriguing given that you could customize the software to meet your needs specifically.

The problem is. It’s expensive to develop that software, but it’s even more expensive to maintain it.

Ideas for have-to-have features require updates. Each update requires further development. And that can get expensive.

Not to mention the quality and security of the development code. Are there security concerns within the software? To address them, those bugs will have to be trapped and that requires more development.

Developing your own software, unless you are thoroughly prepared for it, is a circular, iterative process that can require a major investment of time, money and other vital business resources.

Common Pitfalls of Cloud Solutions

With all the amazing things the Cloud can do for us, it’s important to remember it is still a server somewhere that is connected to the Internet. That makes it vulnerable to attack. And sometimes, more of a target for hackers.

And, because you can actually hack a laptop with thermal imaging devices, the only way to make a computer safe is to surround it with a lead lined room and cut it off from any other device. But we can’t work like that. We need to be connected to a network and connected to the Internet to be productive.

And even though the Cloud services and SaaS tools you purchase try their best to keep your data safe, protected and backed up, it’s still open to attacks. Only you can ensure that happens by hiring us to help you.

We partner with our clients in Boston & Rhode Island to ensure the tools they are using and are thinking of using are safe. We research the tools to know what the risk exposure is and if the tool makers have a remediation plan in place in the event of a breach. The goal is to ensure you are making an informed decision about your tools and data security.

Keep Your Information Accessible and Secure With Our Managed Cloud Solutions

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