Why You Must Add Cyber Security to Your Construction Prequalifications

Dealing with The Access Risks and Security Issues Subcontractors Create In Your Network – and How To Reduce Your Exposure.


Webinar with Bob Paradise

There is a lot of risk involved in construction projects. From employee safety, to cost overruns and everything in between – you need to do all you can to stay safe.

That’s why, when you are vetting subcontractors, you want to know if each of the other businesses you rely on to finish the job actually can.

  • Do they have the financial resources?
  • Do they have the manpower?
  • Do they have the proper insurance and licensing?

You know you need to know the answers to these questions. But there is another critical question you are unknowingly overlooking:

  • Do they have adequate Cybersecurity in place?

Your subcontractors are a liability that can potentially damage your business. That’s why you need to prequal them. But, Cyber Attacks are becoming more and more common. And even if your business is protected, the interaction between your subcontractors and your business opens you to being digitally compromised.

Join the owner of Attain Technology, Bob Paradise for 30 minutes at 1:30pm on October 26, 2021 as he explains the risks to your construction business from interacting with subcontractors, and why you need to add a cyber security element to your prequalifications.

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Why You Must Add Cyber Security to Your Construction Prequalifications