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Whether you’re dealing with ransomware or need a new server, you can count on the IT experts at Attain Technology. We are the top Worcester IT support and managed IT services provider in Worcester, MA, and offer a wide range of IT services including:

  • 24/7 IT Support Help Desk
  • Automatic Backups
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Cloud Services
  • Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment
  • Fix Technical Issues
  • Increase Productivity
  • IT Security and Incident Response
  • IT Strategy and Planning
  • Network Security Solutions
  • Outsourced Chief Information Officer
  • Remote Monitoring

Our over a decade of experience helping businesses in Worcester with their IT needs has given us the insight and experience to provide a fast and lasting solution for any IT issue. Our fully certified and highly skilled IT experts deliver 100% satisfaction on every call.

Managed IT Services in Worcester, MA

If you have a complex network of computers and other technology, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Your data center might be down for maintenance, your power might go out and leave you in the dark, or some other problem might affect your servers and computers.

These are good reasons you need a managed IT service provider like Attain Technology. You need someone with experience to handle large, complex configurations, provide technical support to you, answer your questions, troubleshoot your issues and put maintenance routines in place to ensure any minor technical issues you have will be rare.

Interested in learning more and working with a professional IT support company in Worcester, MA? Get your free technology audit and let us show you how to solve your IT problems!

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Our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Is Second to None

In the past, the concern was that a full-fledged business continuity plan would take too long to implement and would be very costly. That’s still true today with some solutions, but because it is so important not to have any downtime, you need to make sure you have a plan for dealing with disaster recovery.

Trouble is, few companies have a full-fledged business continuity plan in place. Why? Because it takes time. It takes money. And it takes commitment from management to make sure the plan is carried out completely and properly. But you need to be prepared should disaster strike your New Bedford business!

You must have a backup of your data. If you have multiple copies in different physical locations, that’s even better. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “I haven’t backed up my data in years because it takes too much time and effort.” Think about what happens if your hard drive fails. Your business in New Bedford could be down for days, weeks, or even months while you get everything back up and running.

Then you must make regular backups of your data backups/images (so you can restore your equipment quickly and easily). I recommend daily or hourly images just in case something does happen.

Having all of this in place will keep you from losing any data and being able to get back to work quickly.

At Attain Technology, our business continuity and disaster recovery solution is the best choice on the market.

If you run a small business in New Bedford and rely on your computer systems to be at 100% so you can serve your clients and customers, it’s important to have a dedicated IT support partner who understands your needs. Call us today at 401-250-8871 and let us develop an IT support package tailored to your business’s needs.

Protect Your Massachusetts Business

In a world where technology has become an integral part of our lives, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that businesses have to adopt new technologies at a rapid pace to keep up with their competitors. But, there are many ways in which Massachusetts businesses can protect their technology infrastructure against threats. Here are common issues:

If you’re a small business owner in Worcester, chances are your network is not as secure as you think it is. The reality is that business networks are breached every day and most cyber criminals go undetected for months.

The bad guys don’t do much work once they get into your network. Once inside, they look for valuable information to steal. They’ll look everywhere: including employee computers, unsecured cloud services, and your CEO’s smartphone.

How can this happen? It’s simple – it happens when a criminal gains access to your network by using a weak password or a key logger to gather sensitive personal information that can then be used to commit identity theft, financial fraud, and other crimes against you or your customers.

Do you need IT Support or are you concerned about your cybersecurity? At Attain Technology we have the right solution to protect and help your Worcester business grow affordably. We are here to help, call us today! 

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

If you work in an office environment, you know that your data is backed up somewhere — either on the hard drive of another computer in the building or on an offsite server.

If your data is on a server, you may have even noticed that it’s backed up more than once a day, with different backups stored in different places. That’s good! That’s how you make sure your data is safe and secure.

But what if something happens that takes your network down? What would happen if you were off-site at a meeting and something happened to your office? What would happen if a fire broke out or there was some sort of natural disaster?

What happens if your entire network goes away for several hours, days or weeks? Would it take 2 or 3 days to get everything back up and running? How about people’s copies of the data they need to do their jobs? They could be looking at coming into work for the second day in a row without the most recent versions of their data. And business can’t just stop while all this is happening.

That’s why you need business continuity and disaster recovery services from Attain Technology. We help reduce risk by providing real-time, incremental backups with the ability to virtualize them from the Cloud. This means no matter what disaster occurs or how sophisticated the hacker that breaches your network — you are protected.

You need an IT support partner in Worcester who understands you and your business. Someone with the skills, experience, and expertise to protect your investment, monitor your technology, assist and support you.

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