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with Bob Paradise of
Attain Technology

July 27 at 1:30pm

Join the Owner of Attain Technology Bob Paradise for 30 minutes at 1:30pm on July 27th, 2021, as he shares how construction industry companies can leverage today’s technology.

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It’s common for construction companies to use technology to streamline their operations, be more competitive, bid faster, maintain deep insight into projects and increase productivity while keeping their network and data safe, but how?

What is the secret to using technology and what are the downside risks that you have to be aware of and protect yourself from?

You’ll learn all of this and more in this brief webinar, including:

  1. How to cut your bid time by 90%
  2. How to have real-time insight into your projects 24/7/365
  3. What Construction Management Technology will give you or do for you that you don’t already have
  4. What managed IT services you really need in order to be protected
  5. How to know if you were hacked
  6. How to secure  a remote workforce
  7. What to do if you get ransomware
  8. How much downtime an average hack causes and how much it typically costs to get everything working again
  9. And much more …

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