Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Business continuity and disaster recovery are essential for any Massachusetts company.  Rapid response to data corruption, missing files, security incidents, or physical damage is a requirement that must be met. 

Business Continuity Solutions for Massachusetts & Rhode Island Organizations

You Need A Solid Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan to Ensure Your Business and Data Are Safe and Protected

BCDR Planning

Your business is too important to you, your clients and your employees to leave it open and vulnerable to the wide range of events that could destroy your data and cripple your business.

It doesn’t matter whether a cybercriminal syndicate has targeted your business and is holding it ransom, or a 100-year flood fills your offices with 3 feet of water and destroys all of your computers and networking equipment, the result is the same.

Your business is in dire straits. How will you work? How will you find the files you need? How will you survive?

Unfortunately, around 60% of businesses that have a devastating event like this happen to them don’t survive. They close their doors within 8 months.

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Taking “Protecting Your Business” to Another Level

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not only can your business survive an incident like this, we can use technology to ensure events like these are mere hiccups that don’t affect your business, your projects, your clients, your reputation or your bottom line.

Constant, incremental backups give you the ability to restore your data to any point in time. As long as it’s backed up, and then a copy of that backup is stored in a separate location, it’s safe.

When you combine incremental backups with the ability to “virtualize” your data, or instantly spin up virtual instances of your servers and software in the cloud, then you have a solid strategy to keep your business up and running. While your employees and company stay productive, our team can repair and restore your network, systems, and equipment.

So, business continuity Massachusetts means being able to continue with business as usual.  Even while experiencing a catastrophic event.

The Levels of Disaster Recovery Preparedness

If your IT team is keeping regular backups of your data and images of all your equipment so they can be easily replaced. That’s great! That’s step one.

But realize that the data on the backup or image depends upon the recency of it. A weekly backup is nice, but daily is better. And hourly is better than daily. And real-time incremental backups are … well … the finest choice available.

And if an event occurs that takes your network and equipment down, how quickly can it be restored and remediated? As soon as possible sounds nice, but it’s not real world. It’s not how business is done.

And even though you have that data backed up, it could potentially take up to 2 or 3 days to get it restored, get the network back up and running and get everyone back to work.

That’s an expensive proposition!

And just as you have options with backing up your data, you also have options for response time. Do you want your system restored as soon as possible or now? In three days, one day, a couple hours or 15 minutes?

Each of these options give you a differing level of protection which carry different costs. When you are purchasing business continuity Massachusetts planning or any other managed IT service, make sure you understand the level of service being delivered and the degree to which your business is being protected.

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The State-Of-The-Art Plan for Business As Usual

I want you to imagine for a minute that you have just been hacked. Feel free to turn your computer monitor off if you want to really make this real. OK, imagine you have just been hacked and you cannot turn on your computer.

Now, imagine that you contact your current IT professional and tell them, “Everything’s down! Everything is encrypted! How long is it going to take you to get me back up and running?”

What do you imagine their answer to be? Are they going to tell you it will take an hour? Or are they saying days, weeks, or months?

Because typically, it takes days to weeks, but it could take months.

On the other hand there is a premium backup and disaster recovery / business continuity Massachusetts tool we use that is advanced. It is the finest tool available today.

How good is it?

Well, before we migrated all of our clients to it, I was sweating bullets all the time – worried about what might happen. I would run around the office everyday like a mad-man asking “did we check the tapes? Did we check the backups? Do we have copies of those backups in a separate location? How old are they? When is the next backup taking place? Check it! Make sure it’s all good!”

The reason I was this frantic and panicking all the time is because I know it’s not a matter of if you get hacked and your network and servers go down … it’s a matter of when.

But now that we have the leading tool in place for our clients, I can rest easy. I have complete peace of mind.

I can sleep because I know my clients’ data is protected. We still check it every day, but we know that we have three backups. We have one backup on-site, another that has already been “virtualized” in the cloud, and then another virtualized backup in place at a second data center that has a 60-day no delete policy.

What this means is that even if hackers were able to hack into your network and delete all your data, and then delete your on-site backup, and then somehow get through into your cloud backup and delete it. There is no way they can touch the second cloud backup.

It gives me complete and total peace of mind.

I mean sure, it takes about 20 minutes to spin up that second cloud backup and get all your employees back to work. But even though you have experienced a catastrophic event … you are back to work!

It gives us peace of mind. And it should give you peace of mind as well because no matter what happens … as our client, we can get you back up and running very quickly.

Well, I say we can get you back up and running no matter what happens, but I’m not sure if that’s the case if a meteor collides with the Earth or a 200-foot tidal wave takes out the East Coast. But there is still a chance because that second data center is on the West Coast.

So, if you are interested in that level of peace of mind with your data and being able to maintain business continuity through any event, I think you will like working with us.

We give you a bulletproof business continuity, backup and disaster recovery platform that will protect your business.

And it will give you peace of mind as well because you will know that with all the things that could and will happen to your network and data, we will keep you safe and protected.

Interested in learning more about how business continuity Massachusetts planning can protect your business and data while keeping your network, equipment, operations and employees online? Call us at 401-250-8871 and let us show you your options.