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11 Ways to Optimize Your Workflow, Save Time and Cut Costs with Cloud Services for Construction

Using cloud services is one of the best ways to optimize your workflow, save time and cut costs but it’s imperative that you use the best cloud services suited for your business that help you grow.

In a recent article I shared what cloud services are, you can view it here. In this article I’ll be defining the types of cloud services. These cloud services help your entire team, remote workforce and vendors have real time access to the data they need right now. Which is, the data that keeps you on time and on budget with your projects.

So, without any further ado … here are the eleven most common types of cloud services.

11 Cloud Services for Construction Companies

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is provided as a service to backup and store your company files on a remote server. Files that are stored on a remote server are available in the event of a natural disaster, system failure, power outage, or cyberattack. You have peace of mind knowing your assets are recoverable and available within hours not days or weeks.

File Sharing

File sharing gives you the ability to share, send, and update files and business applications over a network or the Internet. And they are available to everyone in your company that is granted access whether they are in the office, on the jobsite, working remotely or at a vendor location.

File sharing allows for real time project updates which helps you stay on time and on budget.

Document Management

With files stored on the cloud, your data is more secure and easier to access. This gives you the ability to collaborate quickly with your team, contractors, sub-contractors and vendors. And since your data is stored in one place and can be easily updated with your current project details, timelines and budgets, everyone has real time information.

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a service provides a way for your remote workforce to access apps and software from the cloud instead of from their remote device. Using desktop as a service provides secure solutions for using approved apps located on the cloud and frees up space on devices.

Hosted Servers

Hosted servers give you cloud storage that is easily scalable and accessible for your business. You have complete control over your data and peace of mind knowing your data is readily available, secured, and flexible to fit your growing needs from project to project.

Hosted Email

Hosted email is a service where your email addresses are located on a secure email server. Hosted email gives you near 100% uptime,  increased security of your inbox, allows you to expand your email storage space and provides enhanced spam and virus protection.

Hosted VOIP

Hosted VOIP takes the headache away from traditional phone systems and connectivity to your remote workers – the hardware and maintenance of the system are managed offsite, freeing you up to run your business, not your phone systems.

Hosted ERP

Hosted ERP applications are purchased by you and housed on a hosted remote server. Anyone that you grant permission can access the information over the internet. This allows you to make timely and accurate business solutions.

Hosted SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint allows for remote collaboration and creation of reports, project management tools, and project file organization that is easily shared and updatable to your team about a project’s status.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is the management of your company’s IT systems. Monitoring tools are located on your servers and monitored offsite. Remote monitoring monitors antivirus, disk space, spam filters, heat, backups and firewalls. With your systems being constantly monitored you don’t have to worry about long downtimes or loss of data because monitoring identifies problems before they arise.

Virtual Private Cloud

A virtual private cloud allows for segmentation of a company’s data. Construction companies use virtual private clouds to segment operations, projects and management or sometimes to segment projects to allow for an organized file structure that allows for quick, easy access to project details.

A Cloud Services Package Customized to Fit Your Needs

Now that you know the cloud services available, which ones are right for you? At Attain Technology we know that each business has its own unique set of needs. That’s why we customize a package designed for you based on your needs.

To get your customized cloud services package, schedule a free technology audit with me here.

And if you have additional questions about cloud services you can view our cloud services page here or contact me directly at 401-250-8871.