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Why Construction Industry Companies Need to Adopt Cloud Services

Cloud services have been around for years and the companies that adopt it continue to grow and prosper year after year.

However, the capabilities of cloud services are generally misunderstood, and many construction industry companies are missing out because of these common misunderstandings.

As the owner of a Managed IT Services company who serves the construction industry, I want to clear up these misunderstandings to help you understand the value of cloud services and why it’s vital you adopt it.

Most of the confusion is focused on how cloud services help a business improve efficiency, boost productivity, safeguard against data loss and be more competitive so that’s what we are going to discuss.

But first, let us start with what cloud services are.

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services are a range of on demand services delivered over the internet. These services provide affordable access to resources and applications for your employees in the office and out in the field. The cloud eliminates the need for an internal infrastructure, hardware limitations and prevents data loss because your files and applications are stored offsite.

This is a gamechanger for construction industry businesses. When you adopt cloud services, there are three essential benefits you will get.

You will:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Safeguard against data loss
  • Be more competitive

Let’s discuss each.

How Does Cloud Services Improve Efficiency and Productivity?

Access to Real Time Data

With access to real time data, you can easily view a project’s status and adjust where needed. You will know:

  • If the project is on time
  • If there are problems or delays
  • If the project is staffed properly
  • If you are on budget

Connected Workforce

Cloud services gives field, office employees, and outside agencies an instant connection eliminating the problems of:

  • Wasted time driving from jobsite to jobsite to gather information
  • Depending on employees to deliver timecards and project documentation by hand
  • Gaps in crucial project details and documents
  • Emailing files and documents back and forth

When you connect your teams on various projects to the main office and give them access to real time data, you make it easier for them to do their jobs and be more productive.

How Does Cloud Services Safeguard Against Data Loss?

There are several reasons for data loss, but you can mitigate the severity of a loss by backing up your data and storing it on the cloud.

Data Backup

Data must be backed up regularly. Scheduled automatic backups mitigate loss and allow you to restore your data in the event of loss.

Disaster Resistance

Fire, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes can hit at any time and devastate a business. With a data-backup service you no longer have to worry about losing your data. The data can be restored within hours, getting you back up and running quickly.

Auditing and Monitoring

24/7 auditing and monitoring of your network along with alerts that notify you of a data violation, data breach, computer viruses, power failure and more allow you to jump on the problem before total loss happens.

There is a lot that can go wrong with your data. But keeping your data safe and having backups is vital to your business because your data is a critical part of your business.

How Does Cloud Services Help My Business Be More Competitive?

Technology Gives You a Competitive Edge

Your ability to directly compete and win more jobs, along with your ability to save time and reduce costs depend on technology.

Technology allows construction companies to set themselves apart from their competitors by giving them better processes, real-time data and tools that make managing projects and running a profitable company much easier.

Bidding is Easier and More Accurate

The time to collaborate with stakeholders to prepare a bid takes less time because the cloud provides file and document sharing.

The data you collect from the cloud allows you to estimate jobs more quickly, so your bids take less time to prepare. And rebidding takes less time to prepare and deliver.

Insight into Your Projects

Real time data gives you insight into your projects. That helps you capitalize on new opportunities making you even more competitive in the areas you excel in.

Being able to make better decisions, submit accurate bids, and understand what’s happening on your job sites in real time separates your business from your competitors who are still struggling with pen and paper processes that do not work.

Clients want to work with companies who are agile, transparent, and easy to do business with. Cloud services give you technology that makes this possible.

Adopt or Be Left Behind

Adopting technology is essential if you want to stay competitive and relevant in today’s marketplace. And there is no better time to start than now.

Attain Technology works exclusively with construction industry companies. We know how to guide you through the challenges of implementing technology.

If you would like to find out more about cloud services or how to get started, schedule a free construction technology audit :: https://calendly.com/bparadise/construction-technology-audit :: with us today.