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What You Get from Construction Management Software

There are many processes that construction companies have adopted and used over the years to make their jobs easier. But the best manual processes cannot compete with the speed and efficiency of a technological solution.

And while there are as many processes and procedures for doing business as there are construction companies, it is important to understand how modernizing your construction company and adopting technology can help.

The Payroll Easy Button

Currently, many construction companies process payroll by having the Field Super or Lead Hand fill out a paper form and then fax it into the main office.

This simple process has worked for years, but it’s not the best way to get the job done. Today, there is a better way. And the benefits of this “better way” become apparent as the size of your company gets bigger.

For instance, inputting 5 employees into your payroll system is much easier to review and approve than inputting payroll for 500 employees.

Think about the time it would take to enter the data for 500 timecards with multiple entries based on cost codes.

Someone has to manually enter, then review and approve all those hours!

Not to mention, you are probably getting this data either on Friday afternoon or, more likely, on Monday morning!

If your payroll is due by the end of day Tuesday, every week you are going to experience a mad dash to get it all entered on time!

Eliminate Data Lag – Know What’s Happening On Your Projects In Real-Time

Now, consider what happens if your data lags a week and a half behind.

On construction jobs that are behind schedule, are waiting on materials or have some other issue that is slowing them down – not knowing about these issues and not being able to fix them and make them right for 10 days is a massive problem. And it could mean lost profits, a failed project, and ruin your reputation.

You must know what is happening on a project today. If you don’t, you are in trouble. 

For instance, you have to understand the percentage of labor hours used on a project. 

If you  don’t, and it takes you a week and a half to find out what’s happening on a project: you don’t know if you are ahead of schedule or behind!

You are only now finding out that you should have diverted resources from this project, or to this project, ten days ago!

And speaking of labor … If your labor costs are over budget on a job, knowing about this in real-time allows you to react and adjust sooner, which could save the project or mitigate any losses you might have otherwise incurred.

A Process Tailored To Fit Your Needs

There are many ways to get the job done and no two solutions are exactly the same, even when using the same software.

That’s why you should use a solution and process that is easy to use and recall, and leverages technology and systems to input data once and share it in real-time.

It seems like every company has devised a different way of tracking costs and expenses. Finding the right solution for your company takes a bit of research, trial and error.

But this takes time and money. Both resources you can’t waste. That’s one of the extra reasons clients choose us. With our in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and its specialized tools and processes, we can quickly put you on the right path to a process and solution that works.

Doing it yourself is risky. But we show you what works and make it simple.

What You Really Get From Construction Management Software

The end goal, of course, is modernizing the construction process.

When you do, you will get more insight into your projects, make scheduling your workforce easier, make it easier to purchase materials just in time, and much more.

For instance, with construction technology and construction management software you can connect your remote teams and main office. This simple feature gives you the ability to collaborate in real-time and stay on schedule and on budget.

Plus, you also get real-time insight into the financials of a project. Is it on time and on budget?  Or, do you have to move people around, make calls to subs, or do something else?

By modernizing your construction processes you will have the data and insight you need in order to make better, wiser decisions.

And with the streamlined communication you have from the office to the field, you will have everything you need to be efficient, effective, and informed. This puts you in a much better position to be able to help your field teams and ensure they are productive.