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80% of Hacks start with end users.

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Cybersecurity issues can cause 3 weeks of downtime – or more.

Today, hackers are everywhere. Sometimes they front their operations as legitimate businesses, going as far as creating packages as “solutions” to your problems to get into your systems and compromise its users. When these attacks occur, you can expect up to three weeks of downtime. Even companies with great backups and the ability to recover from such attacks still had to pay the ransoms demanded of them. Why? Because these hackers were still able to harass their clients by using the contact information stolen during these kinds of attacks.

The downtime stemming from these attacks is only part of the issue. Now, having to deal with these breaches in security yourself, your focus is shifted towards that instead of growing your business.

You can significantly reduce the risk of attacks with great cybersecurity training and culture. The first step to securing your business is to train your employees to correctly identify common patterns and types of cyber threats- to keep you and your team secure.

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