Everything you need to know about Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services to help you stay informed and protected.

Attain Technology Cybersecurity Guides

Construction Technology Prequal Checklist

Do not let your subcontractors put your project at risk.  

Use this checklist during the prequal phase so you can  make an informed decision when choosing the subs and suppliers that are best for your projects.


The Definitive Guide to Construction Technology

This guide shows you the technology available right now – technology you can use to increase profits, cut costs, off-set labor shortages and do more with less.


How Vulnerable Are You To A Cyberattack

Our free guide, “Are You Vulnerable to A Cyberattack” will help you identify if you are vulnerable. You will know exactly where you need to focus your attention and strengthen your defenses to protect yourself. *With a bonus Cybersecurity Vulnerability Quiz.


Managed IT Services Buyers' Guide

This guide gives you a complete overview of the services Managed Service Providers offer in plain English.

You’ll come away from it knowing the opportunities and challenges technology offers. And you’ll understand how all the services work together to keep you safe and protected.


Win More Bids and Maximize Your Profits - The Construction Industry Guide to Managed IT Services.

To stay competitive and win more bids, you need to optimize your processes, maximize your profits and reduce your costs.

This guide will show you how to make bidding more accurate, leverage real-time data and connect your workforce.