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What Is IT Managed Services and How Can It Help My Business?

Anyone that is a fan of the original Star Trek series will recognize the often-muttered exclamation by the ship’s doctor, Bones, “I’m a doctor, Jim, not a (insert any non-medical task)!”

Whether it’s welcome or not, these days, every company must not only be an expert in what it does, it also needs to be a technology expert or at least work with one.

Business operations, growth, and profit have become intrinsically connected to how well a company deploys its technology. Some companies see technology as an opportunity, while others see it as something they have to deal with to get things done in a digital age.

The difference between those two types of mindsets can be seen in a company’s bottom line. Consulting firm Deloitte studied small businesses and compared those that were “digitally advanced” to those that didn’t adopt technology as well.

The study found that digitally advanced small businesses had the following advantages

  • Earned 2x as much revenue per employee
  • Experienced year-over-year revenue growth nearly 4x as high
  • Were almost 3x as likely to be creating jobs over the prior year

What’s holding back many businesses from seeing those types of gains through their use of technology? They try to do it themselves.

Trying to handle technology on your own would be akin to handling another critical business need in-house with untrained personnel – such as repair of your electrical wires or HVAC system.

Managed IT services offer the experience companies in Boston and elsewhere need to remain competitive, stay protected from data breaches, and use technology as a sail for their growth, rather than have it be an anchor.

What Is Managed IT Services?

You can think of IT managed services as a toolbox of various technology-related services. Companies can get a full toolbox that includes all the support they need for their business IT, or they can choose those tools from the toolbox that are needed the most.

The benefit of this all-in-one toolbox is that companies can pay one predictable monthly rate and have all their digital needs handled by a team of IT experts.

Managed IT services can vary according to the plan you have, but they will typically include the following vital support services:

  • Preventative maintenance for devices (computers, servers, etc.)
  • Cyber security services (firewall, anti-malware, DNS filtering, etc.)
  • Managed data backup and recovery
  • Automated and managed security patches and updates for software
  • On-demand tech support for your team
  • Cloud security & access control
  • 24/7 support for your technology needs

One managed IT services plan can basically take care of all your technology needs, and ensure they are being handled by technology experts.

The Advantages of Using Managed IT Support for Your Business

Reduces Your Risk of Falling Victim to a Cyberattack

One ransomware infection or cloud account data breach can bring your company down for good. An astonishing 60% of small businesses close their doors for good within just 6 months of falling victim to a cyberattack. 

While no provider can provide a 100% guarantee that you would never fall victim to a data breach, what we can do is greatly reduce the risk of it happening.

For example, with an implementation of one cybersecurity best practice (multi-factor authentication), your risk of a cloud account breach through a fraudulent sign-in is reduced to just 0.1%

That’s just one of the many ways your risks can be reduced when you work with cybersecurity experts through a managed IT services plan.

How many times does your team get interrupted by a technology issue, either large or small? A Wi-Fi goes out, and suddenly everyone is offline for 15 minutes. Your accounting department has a software issue, and their work is at a standstill for an hour and a half.

These interruptions add up and can be very costly over time in lost productivity hours and lost forward momentum for your business.

Your IT provider will proactively manage your technology to reduce problems that interrupt your operations. We will be on hand to help staff through any software problems, so they can get on with their work instead of struggling to find an answer themselves.

Lowers Costs for Maintaining and Securing Devices

Some small businesses don’t sign up for managed IT services because they don’t want to pay a monthly fee, and mistakenly think that handling things themselves will save them money.

But not being proactive about your IT and not having it handled by someone that knows IT inside and out, actually costs companies more.

In a study cited by technology firm Konica Minolta, it was estimated that for each unmanaged business computer, companies pay an average of $5,000 per year. This is due to costs like more downtime, productivity losses, and shorter equipment lifespan.

Allows You & Your Team to Focus on Your Business

Finally, managed IT services allow you and your team to focus on what you do best… run your business and service your customers.

With managed IT services you don’t have employees with zero technology experience being asked to figure out a network issue (I’m an office manager, not an IT engineer!). Your company will also benefit from being “digitally advanced” rather than a business that is just doing the minimum with its technology.

Let’s Customize an IT Managed Services Plan Together!

Technology can help your firm excel or it can become a burden. Working with Attain Technology can help your Boston-area business take advantage of digital tools that promote productivity, reduce your security risk, and lower costs.

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