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The Frightening Truth About Cyberattacks and Ransomware

There are many challenges with building a company. As a business owner, you are overcoming one obstacle after another. There’s scaling and cash-flow, hiring and firing, competition, bidding and selling, keeping clients happy and delivering projects on time. The one challenge that you don’t hear of very often however, is your cybersecurity. Keeping your computer […]

Kaseya Breach and Ransomware Attack in New England Threatens Thousands of Businesses

On July 2, 2021, cybercriminals belonging to REvil committed one of the most sophisticated cyberattacks we have seen in recent years. Over the American Independence day weekend, Kaseya, a common IT monitoring tool used by many IT support and managed service providers, announced it was the victim of a cyberattack. Because Kaseya is a major […]

The Cost of Downtime and the Effects of Ransomware on Small Business

It pains me to say that you need to know the cost of downtime from ransomware and it’s effects on small business now because it shouldn’t be a thing. But unfortunately it is, and it cripples businesses hit with ransomware. In 2021, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds. Many people […]