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The Definitive Guide to Construction Technology

Construction technology is taking the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries by storm and is reshaping the way the Construction Industry as a whole does business. But what is construction technology, what benefits do you get from adopting it and where is it taking Construction industry companies in the future? Construction Technology involves a wide […]

Want The Competitive Edge? You Need Construction Technology!

Ten years ago, construction companies fought technology. Now they’re embracing it faster than ever. It’s true. In the construction industry of today, technology is exponentiating. And we’re seeing a wide swing in a short amount of time. We’re seeing technologies just on the cusp of coming onto the market, and we are seeing older technologies […]

Being Left Behind In The Construction Technology Craze?

I know you have been hearing about the construction technology craze and that if you do not use and streamline technology in your construction company you’ll be left behind. The headlines about it are everywhere. I’ve noticed some of those headlines do not explain just how you will be left behind.  And I think that’s […]