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Your Best Odds of Stopping Phishing Attacks Cold

Every day millions of phishing emails are sent. These emails look official but are disguised to fool people into clicking a link and convincing them to provide bank account details or usernames and passwords. Hackers continue to send these emails out each day because unfortunately, they work. They work so well, there is an entire […]

Kaseya Breach and Ransomware Attack in New England Threatens Thousands of Businesses

On July 2, 2021, cybercriminals belonging to REvil committed one of the most sophisticated cyberattacks we have seen in recent years. Over the American Independence day weekend, Kaseya, a common IT monitoring tool used by many IT support and managed service providers, announced it was the victim of a cyberattack. Because Kaseya is a major […]

The Five Ways to Hack Your Business with Email

In 2020 we saw a huge increase in Cybercrime. It is in part due to the pandemic, cybercriminals love to jump on new trends to appear valid and real. And unfortunately the pandemic provided this opportunity for them to attack. The pandemic aside, these criminals have continued to get better and better year after year.  […]

What Is A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

As a business owner in the construction industry, you need to understand the value technology like computers, peripherals and software can bring to your business. But it’s also equally important that you understand the dangers. For you to know where and how you can “go wrong” and inadvertently open your network and data up to […]

The Cost of Downtime and the Effects of Ransomware on Small Business

It pains me to say that you need to know the cost of downtime from ransomware and it’s effects on small business now because it shouldn’t be a thing. But unfortunately it is, and it cripples businesses hit with ransomware. In 2021, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds. Many people […]

What You Get from Construction Management Software

There are many processes that construction companies have adopted and used over the years to make their jobs easier. But the best manual processes cannot compete with the speed and efficiency of a technological solution. And while there are as many processes and procedures for doing business as there are construction companies, it is important […]

Why Construction Industry Companies Need to Adopt Cloud Services

Cloud services have been around for years and the companies that adopt it continue to grow and prosper year after year. However, the capabilities of cloud services are generally misunderstood, and many construction industry companies are missing out because of these common misunderstandings. As the owner of a Managed IT Services company who serves the […]

The Benefits of Managed IT Services for the Construction Industry

The construction industry is competitive. Your success depends upon how nimble you are at adapting to change. You must constantly evaluate your processes for potential efficiencies and sustainability all while keeping an eye out for the next big innovation. And you must keep the machine that is your business: well-oiled and running smoothly. This can […]