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Want The Competitive Edge? You Need Construction Technology!

Ten years ago, construction companies fought technology. Now they’re embracing it faster than ever. It’s true. In the construction industry of today, technology is exponentiating. And we’re seeing a wide swing in a short amount of time. We’re seeing technologies just on the cusp of coming onto the market, and we are seeing older technologies […]

Why Construction Companies Should Add Technology to Their Request for Prequal

Over the last several years I have been compiling a list of the benefits technology provides construction industry companies and one of the main areas of benefit is construction prequalification.  I’ve been putting the list together for several reasons: First, on October 1st I’m having a webinar and sharing  “The Benefits of Technology for Construction.” […]

Being Left Behind In The Construction Technology Craze?

I know you have been hearing about the construction technology craze and that if you do not use and streamline technology in your construction company you’ll be left behind. The headlines about it are everywhere. I’ve noticed some of those headlines do not explain just how you will be left behind.  And I think that’s […]

The True Value of Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly Business Reviews … What are they, why do you need them and are they veiled attempts to sell more products and services? First, let’s get that last point out of the way. Are QBR’s (Quarterly Business Reviews) really just thinly disguised attempts to sell more products and services? The answer is an absolute no! […]

You Have A Backup – But Are You Really Protected?

I know you have been hearing a lot about ransomware attacks lately. It’s talked about almost everyday in the news.  Within the last month we’ve heard about T-Mobile, Accenture, Coglin Electrical and the Steamship Authority of Massachusetts ferry service. Unfortunately, most business owners believe they won’t be hit by a hacker because their business is […]

The Frightening Truth About Cyberattacks and Ransomware

There are many challenges with building a company. As a business owner, you are overcoming one obstacle after another. There’s scaling and cash-flow, hiring and firing, competition, bidding and selling, keeping clients happy and delivering projects on time. The one challenge that you don’t hear of very often however, is your cybersecurity. Keeping your computer […]

Are You Vulnerable To Cyberattack?

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Hackers are uniting into collectives that are partially sponsored by terrorists and antagonistic Governments to the United States. They are bent on one thing:  breaking into business networks, confiscating their data and extorting those businesses into paying them large sums of money to get access to their data back. The […]

Passwords – Your First Line of Defense

Strong Passwords Keep Your Business Safe We have all had the same frustration. You are busy working on a project at your computer, you open an app or navigate somewhere online to a tool you need to use and you are prompted to update or change your password. But you can’t remember your old password […]

11 Ways to Optimize Your Workflow, Save Time and Cut Costs with Cloud Services for Construction

Using cloud services is one of the best ways to optimize your workflow, save time and cut costs but it’s imperative that you use the best cloud services suited for your business that help you grow. In a recent article I shared what cloud services are, you can view it here. In this article I’ll […]

Why We Use Datto for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The goal with cybersecurity and BCDR – otherwise known as business continuity and disaster recovery – is to protect businesses from incidents that can destroy their data and cripple their business. The problem is, there are many ways to do that. Each with their own complexities and flaws. And, there are many different providers of […]