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What are Phishing Smishing Vishing? (& Why You Need to Know!)

It might seem that computer types are just having fun when you hear terms like “phishing, smishing, and vishing” But these are actually three distinct types of social engineering attacks. Phishing in all its forms is the number one method of cyberattack. It enables all types of different breaches, such as ransomware, data theft, credential […]

Why Ransomware is So Dangerous & How to Avoid It

Few types of malware are quite as instantly disruptive as ransomware. An infection can spread in no time and quickly take down an entire company. Systems go offline because data has become scrambled and users can’t access any records, customer databases, or other types of files. In a ransomware attack, malicious code is used to […]

Guide to Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity is one of those terms that many small construction company owners might see as something larger corporations do, thinking “it doesn’t apply to me.” But, just as business liability insurance or vehicle insurance applies to any size company, so does business continuity planning. Without proper precautions in place, you can suffer costly setbacks […]

The Challenges Facing the Construction Industry and How to Fix It

The construction industry is expected to see a 15% increase in growth by the end of 2021, which is great news for the construction companies who were able to quickly adapt to the forced changes brought on by the pandemic.  However, many construction companies continue to struggle to keep up with the demand. And when […]

How Technology is Helping with Labor Shortages in the Construction Industry

Since 2019, the construction industry has experienced one of the highest labor shortages of any other industry in the US. Each year it is becoming increasingly harder to find skilled workers. The construction companies who continue to look for labor the same way they always have will continue to see labor shortages. However, construction companies […]

The Definitive Guide to Construction Technology

Construction technology is taking the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries by storm and is reshaping the way the Construction Industry as a whole does business. But what is construction technology, what benefits do you get from adopting it and where is it taking Construction industry companies in the future? Construction Technology involves a wide […]

Attain Technology Receives the 2021 Gold HIRE Vets Medallion Award

Attain Technology, a Managed IT and Cybersecurity Provider, received the 2021 HIRE Vets Gold Medallion Award. The HIRE Vets Gold Medallion Program is the only veteran employment award at the federal level and was delivered by the Secretary of Labor of the United States, Martin J. Walsh. Some of the criteria for being selected to receive the […]

PreConstruction Prequalifications for Cyber Security

WATCH PreConstruction Prequalifications for Cyber Security VIDEO TRANSCRIPT:  Let’s talk about Preconstruction Prequalification for Cyber Security.  Yeah, you guys probably don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s a new topic, we’ve seen it once or twice with our construction companies. But we know it’s a good idea, we know that eventually, if you’re a sub, […]