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How Cloud Services Gives You the Competitive Edge

The cloud is something that gets mentioned several times a day in most business environments, but business leaders don’t always stop to really think about what cloud services can do for their business.

There is “the cloud” as in the applications you use, like video conferencing, but the cloud as a whole gets much larger than just one virtual meeting or file-sharing app.

Approximately 94% of all enterprise organizations use cloud services, and that number is likely to become 100% of all businesses in 2022 due to the need to operate from anywhere.

When you really look at what the cloud is, it’s the evolution of your technology infrastructure to a virtual space without the boundaries or limitations you have when all data and software are located in the same physical space.

Cloud services are what allow businesses to speak with customers anywhere in the world clearly. They enable the most updated version of a digital file to be available to employees, no matter where they may be logging in from.

Companies that embrace the cloud can optimize their workflows, accelerate growth, and operate with a much lower overhead. 

Deconstructing the Cloud

People have different ideas about what they consider the cloud to be. For some, it seems like something that’s far away, yet they use it throughout the day in multiple ways.

Basically, cloud services are simply applications and data storage that are made available to individuals and businesses by cloud service providers. These apps and data are hosted on the provider’s servers. These servers are usually housed in a state-of-the-art data center with technicians on-site to address any potential issues right away.

Without the internet, there would be no cloud services, so broadband availability plays a big part in the cloud as a whole.

With an internet connection, you’re able to connect to any number of servers to access your account data. But with large service providers, such as Microsoft, and Google, you are most likely being connected to the servers nearest to your location for a seamless experience.

Ways That Businesses Benefit By Embracing the Cloud

Anywhere Access to Business Tools & Data

The biggest advantage of using cloud services rather than software hosted on your hard drive is that you have anywhere access to your business apps and data.

There is no need to be in a single location to access information or the tools you use to run your business (such as a CRM, accounting software, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.)

When the tools that operate your company are available from anywhere, your possibilities and options expand. For example, if a position can be done remotely, your talent pool for employees becomes the entire world. 

Ability to Work from Any Device

If a computer crashes, your business apps and data aren’t taken down with it when you embrace cloud computing. Most cloud applications will have both desktop and mobile apps that optimize the experience for different-sized screens.

This improves productivity by making it easier for employees to access their work. For instance, you don’t always have your desktop or laptop in front of you when you want to check and reply to an urgent email. So, being able to access business email from a smartphone makes a big difference when it comes to an optimized workflow.

60% of the average company’s endpoints are mobile devices.

Allow You to Pay As You Go

Cloud services allow you to pay as you go rather than having to purchase expensive software for each employee’s PC upfront. This model is much more affordable to small businesses but also makes sense for enterprises that are happy to pay only for the number of user licenses they need at any time.

You can add and remove services in many cloud platforms as you need them and scale up and down to fit your needs and budget.

Cloud Platforms Are Always Adding More Value

When you purchase static software that installs on your hard drive and is used offline, you don’t get any feature upgrades when they come out. Instead, you have to purchase a whole new version if you want any of the more modern capabilities.

Cloud services are designed to add value so customers will continue to stay subscribed, which is a big benefit to you. This means as soon as new features are released, you get them automatically, ensuring you and your team are never behind the newer technology advances being developed.

And the companies that deliver their software and applications through the Cloud are constantly tweaking and upgrading their security as well. This means you, your data and your computer are increasingly more protected as time goes on.

Here is an example of how companies continue to add value to their cloud services. Since Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) came out in 2011, the company has added over 20 new applications to the subscription. This includes popular tools like OneDrive and MS Teams. It’s updates like these that make the subscription worth the money – even if you don’t count the convenience of being able to access your tools from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Let’s Build Your Perfect Cloud Environment

Just using the cloud doesn’t mean your business is optimized. You need to ensure it’s integrated and streamlined. We can help your Boston-area business take advantage of cloud solutions to lower costs and expand capabilities.

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