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Category Archives: Cloud Services

Thinking of Migrating To The Cloud but Concerned With Security? Managed Cloud Solutions Help Secure Your Data

The cloud is a great technological resource that’s becoming increasingly popular among businesses today. Managed cloud solutions are replacing the need for on-premises storage and physical servers on company property. However, some businesses are hesitant to migrate to the cloud due to security concerns. It’s true that businesses need to take care when selecting a […]

How Digitization Is Transforming The Manufacturing Industry

As digitization has become more prevalent in businesses in general, the manufacturing industry has begun to feel its impact as well. With the advent of new technologies, processes that were once done manually or through outdated equipment can now be completed more efficiently and effectively through digital means. Strategic digitization has led to an increase […]

How Cloud Services Gives You the Competitive Edge

The cloud is something that gets mentioned several times a day in most business environments, but business leaders don’t always stop to really think about what cloud services can do for their business. There is “the cloud” as in the applications you use, like video conferencing, but the cloud as a whole gets much larger […]

11 Ways to Optimize Your Workflow, Save Time and Cut Costs with Cloud Services for Construction

Using cloud services is one of the best ways to optimize your workflow, save time and cut costs but it’s imperative that you use the best cloud services suited for your business that help you grow. In a recent article I shared what cloud services are, you can view it here. In this article I’ll […]

Why Construction Industry Companies Need to Adopt Cloud Services

Cloud services have been around for years and the companies that adopt it continue to grow and prosper year after year. However, the capabilities of cloud services are generally misunderstood, and many construction industry companies are missing out because of these common misunderstandings. As the owner of a Managed IT Services company who serves the […]