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Business Continuity Plan – 6 Reasons Your New England Business Needs One

When you think about business continuity planning, what comes to mind? Combating downtime? Disaster recovery? Data backup and recovery? While these are all important aspects of a comprehensive continuity plan, they’re not the whole story. In fact, there are many reasons why your New England business needs a BCP, reasons that go beyond simply recovering […]

Guide to Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity is one of those terms that many small construction company owners might see as something larger corporations do, thinking “it doesn’t apply to me.” But, just as business liability insurance or vehicle insurance applies to any size company, so does business continuity planning. Without proper precautions in place, you can suffer costly setbacks […]

You Have A Backup – But Are You Really Protected?

I know you have been hearing a lot about ransomware attacks lately. It’s talked about almost everyday in the news.  Within the last month we’ve heard about T-Mobile, Accenture, Coglin Electrical and the Steamship Authority of Massachusetts ferry service. Unfortunately, most business owners believe they won’t be hit by a hacker because their business is […]

Why We Use Datto for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The goal with cybersecurity and BCDR – otherwise known as business continuity and disaster recovery – is to protect businesses from incidents that can destroy their data and cripple their business. The problem is, there are many ways to do that. Each with their own complexities and flaws. And, there are many different providers of […]