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Your computers and technology are vital business assets. You need to take care of them and make sure they stay clean and safe from hackers and cyber criminals. If they are compromised, the data that runs your business and all your computers and equipment is in jeopardy.

If you want to protect yourself – AND take advantage of the time and money saving benefits that certain construction industry software can deliver, call Attain Technology in Providence, RI. Our goal is to deliver 5 Star service on every call!

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Signs You Need IT Support and Cybersecurity

Your computers are becoming a “problem”

You want to upgrade your technology to drive your business processes and optimize them

You are trying to rig everything together yourself and you have become the “go-to” person when there is an issue, but you don’t really know how to do it, or have time to do it and be productive in your “real” job

You want to use technology to save on labor costs, speed up productivity across the board and deliver a healthy profit at the end of the year

You don’t have a tech person on the team

Your computers are aging and slow

Your network goes down every day at 3PM or your productivity grinds to a halt when everyone is busy trying to work.

You are spending too much time on tasks from simple to complex and you know there has to be a better way

You hired a “guy” to come in and create a computer network, but you don’t really know if they are giving you the service you are paying for

You can’t get real-time information from every job site and know who is working, and what they are working on

You are worried about your computer security and start to wonder what would happen to your business if all the data on all your computers was deleted, stolen and sold, or taken and held ransom

How Poor Cybersecurity Can Impact Your Business

When a computer breaks down, it can mean lost productivity, but when one of your computers is infected and has been compromised, hackers have one goal: get as much money as they can.

If they don’t get it, they will delete or sell your data and destroy your business.

Your level of protection will determine how destructive their attack can be. With the right protection, you can laugh off ANY cyberattack and get back to work quickly. But with the wrong protection, or poor protection, you will experience:

  • Slow computer system that grinds productivity to a halt
  • Malware searching all your data looking for passwords, accounts, and other proprietary information to copy and sell on the black market
  • Ransomware locking a computer and encrypting all the files on it
  • All the computers in your company suddenly flashing a black screen with a message that tells you how much you need to pay to get access to your computers and data again
  • Days, weeks, even months of inactivity and zero productivity in the office while backups are restored
  • Incomplete backups that are missing critical data and work, especially recent work
  • Once the computers come back online, you will have to recreate all of the work that wasn’t backed up or update the files that had recent edits. This could be emails, proposals and bids, spreadsheets, accounting data, and more – taking another 3 – 5 days
  • If you happen to have cybersecurity insurance that reimburses you for downtime and losses, there is a good chance that the poor cybersecurity protection you are paying for doesn’t qualify as adequate coverage – which is required to be eligible to receive a payout

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